So, you’ve decided that the time is right to become a landlord.  Good for you!  Done right, it’s a very rewarding thing to do.  However, it’s very easy for things to go wrong, very quickly, if the basics aren’t in place from the start.  By following these five quick tips, you should find that your tenancy gets off to a flyer.

  1. Marketing. Make sure your property looks great!  You’d want to see a clean and tidy house, and so will your potential tenants.  Put away the dirty dishes.  Make the beds.  Cut the grass.  Sounds simple and it is!  The next step is to make sure all potential tenants see your property and the internet is where you need to be visible.  Mavor & Company use Rightmove, Lettingweb, Citylets and S1 Homes, as well as our own website to make sure that plenty of folk get a chance to see those homes that we market.
  2. First impressions matter! Tenants will know within a few seconds whether they want to move in. Try to look at it through the viewer’s eyes:  Would you want to make this house your home? Make sure it’s warm and inviting when they visit and they’ll picture themselves living there straight away.
  3. Legislation. Gone are the days of just handing the keys of the castle to your new tenant. Smoke alarms, Legionella, Gas certificates Electrical certificates, Landlord Registration – these all need to be complied with first. But don’t worry – the Mavor Property Help Centre will keep you right.  Get in touch and we’ll happily help.
  4. Reference checks. Your new tenant has said that they’ll be the best tenants ever, always pay rent on time and love cleaning so you don’t need to worry about anything. That’s nice to hear.  But, no matter what you’re told, make sure that you’ve reference checked them anyway. Credit checks, employer references and landlord references are vital.  Never start a tenancy without them. Ever.
  5. Make sure that everything works! Get those dripping taps fixed, and that noisy boiler looked at. You want your tenant to be happy and nothing dulls the cheer like a list of repairs.  Get them done early on and you’ll massively increase your chances of a terrific tenancy.

So there you are. Five quick tips that every landlord needs to know.  Do them right and you’ll be a happy landlord.  Don’t forget, the Mavor Property Help Centre wants you to be a happy landlord too, so feel free to get in touch with us at


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