The Mavor Property Help Centre was established in Summer 2015 with one aim: To give free and impartial help to everyone who has an interest in property. There are many, many changes happening to the Private Rental Sector and naturally many landlords and tenants had queries and concerns about this. Although help is available from other sources, it’s often weighted towards either tenants or landlords. At Mavor & Company we believe that Landlords and tenants should be given equal, fair and accurate advice . The help centre seemed like a natural step to providing this so every Tuesday evening since June 2015, we’ve opened our doors, and our phone lines, to everyone interested in property.

  • Issues that are often raised include:
  • Property regulation changes
  • Property valuations
  • Repair and refurbishment plans
  • Rent concerns
  • Advice in searching for a new property

These issues have been brought up by both landlords and tenants time and again, and they are important ones. Mavor & Co want to ensure that all of our landlords and tenants are informed of the facts. However, we also wanted to ensure that the help centre was open to everybody, regardless of whether they were clients of ours. With so many people interested in the property sector, it’s natural that there will be lots of queries. We want to help as many people as possible.

It’s not just letting queries that we receive. Many people considering buying their first home seek advice on what steps to take, what areas they’d like to live, what type of property would be best for them to live in etc. Some people are looking to sell their property, for a variety of reasons, and want advice on that. Some wish to purchase a property with the aim of letting it out. Mavor & Co’s vastly experienced staff are always happy to offer impartial advice.

Since the Mavor Property Help Centre began, we’ve been proud to have helped many people. We feel that giving free and impartial help is the right thing to do, and it’s something that we’ll continue to do. Property is so much more than bricks and mortar: it can represent someone’s hopes and ambitions, provide security for the future and provide a lifetime of memories for a family. We feel that if we can assist in some small way by helping alleviate concerns, it makes our role as property representatives all the more worthwhile.


The emergency procedure for out-of-hour calls to Mavor & Company has changed!
You can now contact the contractor directly if there is a genuine emergency outwith working hours.

Gas Leak

If you smell gas call National Gas Emergency 0800 111 999

Central Heating and Hot Water

Loss of heating during summer months is not deemed to be an emergency.

You may have a back-up immersion heater on your hot water tank.

If you have a combi boiler please check to make sure the water pressure is sitting at 1–1.5 bar. If it is not, please top the water pressure up to this level and reset the boiler.

If you require an engineer call Gasglow 07786 772983

Water Leak and Drainage

If you are renting a flat and you are experiencing water ingress from the flat above please contact the occupant of that property immediately to make them aware.

Turn the water off at the stop cock immediately (the stop cock is usually located under the kitchen sink).

If you are experiencing problems with the external drainage this may be the responsibility of Scottish Water. Please call Scottish Water Emergency Helpline 0845 600 8855

If you require a plumber call TFM Maintenance 07880 631523


If you have lost all of the electrics please check with neighbours as the whole area may be experiencing a power cut. If you are experiencing a power cut call Scottish Power on 0845 272 7999

If you require an electrician call TFM Maintenance 07880 631523

Roof Leak

If you are experiencing water ingress through the roof call AW Roofing 01501 740622


Please note Mavor & Co will not supply spare keys when the office is closed.

If you require a locksmith call TFM Maintenance 07880 631523

Intruder Alarm

If you require an Intruder Alarm engineer call T&D Security 07919 595894

Antisocial Behaviour

Police (Non-Emergency) 101


Please be aware any call out instructed by a tenant which is not deemed to be an emergency by the Landlord or Mavor & Co may result in the tenant being held liable for the full sum of the invoice.


If your Landlord has a maintenance contract through companies such as Scottish Gas or Gasglow you will have been supplied contact details previously. If you have lost these details or are unsure if you have a maintenance plan, please contact the office. Please be aware that a Landlord will not bear the cost if an incorrect contractor is used.

If you are unable to resolve your issue through the contacts above please call 07557 337665.


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