Back in the day, before smart phones, selfies and terrible pop music, rental properties were a kind of ‘Wild West’.  Regulation wasn’t considered to be a top priority – as long as landlords had tenants, everything was alright.  Thankfully, those days are no more!  More and more legislation has been brought in with the aim of making rental properties safe homes for tenants.

There’s no getting away from the fact that landlords now have to make sure that their homes are in tip-top condition but then, that’s a good thing – isn’t it?…  Many tenants now view the place where they live as their home, not just a stop-gap place to lay their heads.  With that in mind, landlords need to make sure that those homes are fit for purpose – at the very least.  But, with so much legislation to comply with, how do you know that you’re keeping on the right side of everything? Don’t worry! Here’s a quick list of things all landlords need to have in order to rent out their property.

  1. Landlord Registration.
  2. Energy Performance Certificates.
  3. Gas Safety Certificate (if there’s any gas appliance in the property).
  4. EICR (Electric Installation Condition Report).
  5. PAT report. This is a test of all portable appliances in the property.
  6. Carbon Monoxide alarms.
  7. Smoke alarms and heat detectors.
  8. Legionella Risk Assessment.
  9. Tenants Deposit Scheme.
  10. Any furnishings must be compliant with fire safety regulations.


It sounds a lot, and it is.  But don’t fret.  The good news is, if you’re already renting out your property, you may well have most of these already.  If there are things on the list that you don’t have, Mavor & Co will help you complete the set.  Just get in touch and we’ll happily guide you through it all.


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